Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:30-5:00. No reservations needed.

Our Philosophy

 We believe in making unique, expressive fine ciders using low intervention techniques, heirloom apples, and foraged ingredients. We seek out flavors that evoke memories, times and places in our lives. Many of our ciders are made in small single barrel batches, deliberately ephemeral moments in time we’ve captured in bottle for you to enjoy.

Most of the fruit we work with comes from previously abandoned heirloom orchards we’ve worked with local families to reclaim. Our own orchard is meant to be a new historic orchard, eschewing the shorter-lived dwarfing trees found in modern plantings. Instead, with an eye toward future generations, we favor of the slower-bearing but longer-lived full size trees we find still standing and bearing in 170 year old orchards. Many of these orchards are zero input, receiving no herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation, and survive in our rugged landscape by way of their vigor.

From low intervention orchards we make low intervention cider. All of our ciders receive no sulfite additions at any point in the journey from orchard to bottle, and are never fined or filtered either. We treasure variability and terroir over predictability. 

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The inherently small batch & varied nature of many of our ciders allows us to regularly release new offerings (usually one per month) and although some ciders may come back for future vintages, many are delightful one-time anomalies.

Meet The Cider Makers

Brendan Barnard

Role: Orchardist, Cidermaker

Bio: Passionate about stewardship, long term thinking, and the intersections of nature, art, and science, cider captured Brendan’s attention in 2016 and he hasn’t shaken it. When he’s not grafting, planting, pruning, picking, pressing, or sampling cider you’ll find him cooking for his family.

Kris Barnard

Role: Operations, Sales, Marketing

Bio: In between being a silly and devoted mom & managing a business, Kris loves meeting other small business & farm operators. She’s fanatic about good pies, good organization systems, and friendly animals. Her favorite days are spent together picking apples and then finding some water to relax in.

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