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Buying our cider

What states do you ship cider to?

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We ship cider to most of the US. You can ship bottles within California on this website, here. For all orders being delivered outside California we use a third party tool.

How do I get your cider at my store or restaurant?

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We sell to almost 50 specialty retailers, natural food stores and fine dining establishments throughout California and Washington. Use our contact form to get in touch.

Do you cater or deliver to special events?

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Yes, we deliver for weddings and private parties. We can also ship cases of cider to events outside California. Use our contact form to get in touch.


What’s the ideal temperature to drink cider at?

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Cold, but not frozen. 45-55 degrees is ideal. What’s that mean? Chill your bottle in the fridge upright & pull it out about 5 minutes before you plan on opening. 

What’s the best glass to drink cider in?

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We like tulip or wine glasses best, as they help carry the delicate aromas we work so hard to preserve.

How many servings are in one bottle of your cider?

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Depending on the release, our bottles are 22oz or 750mL. This size is perfect for two to share,  3-4 people to taste, or a really good time for one. 

What is at the bottom of a cider bottle?

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All of our ciders are unfiltered and bottle conditioned. This gives us more flavor & a delicate, natural carbonation. As the bottle sits, yeast cells & sediment drops to the bottom and forms a thin layer called lees. It’s completely natural but it doesn’t taste particularly good -- pour your cider slowly & slightly angled to leave the lees in the bottle and not your glass.

How should I store my cider?

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We ship our ciders ready to drink, no aging necessary unless noted on a special release. If it just arrived in the mail, your cider will want to settle for a day or so at least before drinking. If you’re just too excited to wait, we recommend at least a few hours upright in the fridge. If you’re not drinking it right away, store your bottles somewhere cool & dark. If you got a corked/champagne-type release, rest the bottle on its side so the cork doesn’t dry out. If it has a crown cap, you can store it upright or on its side. Most ciders don’t have the tannin structure that wines do, and don’t lend themselves to long aging. We recommend drinking within a year

What pairs best with cider?

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Cider can be paired with many different foods depending on the flavor profile -- check the specific release notes for more details.


Is your cider gluten-free?

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Unless otherwise noted, our ciders are always gluten free.

Do you add artificial colors or flavors to your cider?

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We never add artificial colors or flavors to our cider.

Do you add sugar to your cider?

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We do not add sugar or back-sweeten our cider. Any sweetness you taste is naturally occurring from the fruit ingredients

Is your cider organic?

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Most of the farms & private estates we get our apples from are too small to go through the lengthy and complicated organic certification process -- they’re also so small they don’t use pesticides, sprays, or artificial fertilizers in the first place.

Do you add sulfites to your cider?

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Many people have sulfite sensitivities and we avoid using sulfites for this reason. Unless noted on the label, our ciders are sulfite-free

Does your cider have preservatives?

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We do not add sorbates or other preservatives to our ciders, the only preservatives are the natural alcohol, acids, & tannins from the fruit. We’re committed to the most natural ciders we can make.


Where does your apples, fruit and juice come from?

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Some fruit comes from our young orchard, some comes from nearby heritage orchards & private estates. See Local Trees page for more info!


How can I join your cider club?

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Learn about our Cider Club & sign up at our Cider Club page.

Can I combine my charter club and cider club discounts?

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Short answer: no.  Our charter club, limited to the first 500 purchasers of the charter club membership receives a 15% off discount instead of the standard 10% cider club members receive.

How do I cancel my cider club membership?

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Please contact us directly on our contact page

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