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Local Trees


What makes our cider wild, rural and rare? 

Just like grapevines, apple and pear trees tell the story of where they’re grown. Soil, water, sunlight and care all play a part in the qualities of the fruit picked from the tree and from there, the character of the cider. 

While apples can grow in many climates, we’re particularly enamored of the qualities we’ve found in fruit from the Sierra Foothills, from wild & cultivated varieties here in Calaveras, Tuolumne, and Amador counties. 

Our goal is to give our community a reason to keep these old fruit trees around. In 2020, we began picking apples from local long-forgotten homesteads and passed-down family orchards, read more about how we source fruit trees. Not only did we discover some fantastic cider making apples, but we uncovered stories that we think everyone should hear. We want to encourage others to see an old fruit tree at the bottom of their meadow with new eyes; to trim the wild blackberry canes overcoming the tree and recover unique fruit from the brambles and the bears.

Our partnership with community members is vital to making unique ciders that reflect our region’s diverse landscape. These shared treasures make Posterity Ciderworks wild, rural and rare. 

Do you live in the local area and have apple, pear or quince trees you’d like us to come check out? Fill out our contact form to send us a direct message about your trees.  

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