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Bicentennial Blend- Hickory Aged Sparkling Pear Cider

Bicentennial Blend- Hickory Aged Sparkling Pear Cider

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It's a common phrase between orchardists that you "plant pears for your heirs." Pear trees are notoriously slow to grow and slow to reach their full maturity bearing fruit. We don't know any cute phrases about the equally long lived hickory tree that routinely lives beyond 200 years, but in this cider we celebrate both; aging this apple & pear cider in toasted hickory wood to bring out the warm notes in the pears making up half the blend. Round hickory and crisp sharp pear, we think this is the perfect accompaniment to grilled salmon. These trees may outlive us, but this bottle of cider won't last for long once you've tasted it. 
650mL, 7.2% ABV
Notes: Hickory, Pear, Vanilla, Crushed Stone
Drinking Instructions: Store upright and chill for 3 hours before drinking. Bottle contains natural sediment at the bottom. Drink in wine or tulip glass within 6 months of purchase
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